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Offset your CO2-emissions

Offset your CO2-emissions

Hivos gives businesses and individuals the possibility to compensate for the greenhouse gas emissions they cannot avoid or for the energy they cannot generate sustainably.

By offsetting your CO2 emissions with Hivos you invest in renewable energy projects that truly benefit poor communities. For each ton CO2 emitted by you one ton of CO2 emissions will be reduced in Cambodia or Kenya.
Our programmes meet the strictest international requirements and are registered under the Gold Standard, which is recognized for its compliance with sustainable development criteria.

Hivos also welcomes retailers wanting to partner with us in enlarging our successful biogas programmes. We offer exclusivity to organisations that wish to buy the whole expected volume of our carbon credits from one specific project.
To offset your emissions you can compensate directly via Gold Standard Project Marketplace using the below monthly estimate for countries around the world or contact our Programme Officer for Carbon Finance: Harry Clemens E T +31 703765500.

1 tonne/month or less
Most of European countries, emerging economies and developing countries

2 tonnes/month
Australia, Canada, Estonia, Luxembourg, United States + several oil exporting countries