Development benefits of biogas exceed expectations, new report Gold Standard found

June 19, 2019

The benefits of improved cooking solutions, such as biogas, exceed earlier presumptions, new study commissioned by Gold Standard found.  The study conducted by Vivid Economics calculates economic values of social and development benefits from Gold Standard certified cooking projects, among which the Hivos’ biogas programmes.

The study finds that for every carbon credit issued from a clean cookstove project, $267 in economic value is created. For domestic biogas projects, the average value created is $464. For biogas the highest value is created by health impact and improved livelihoods, including time savings of women (view the value created by the Hivos domestic biogas programme Kenya).

Average value created per carbon credit issued from biogas projects

Source: Gold Standard

The net benefit of Gold Standard’s improved cooking solutions portfolio adds up to $2.6 billion per year and, to date, $11.6 billion over the total project lifetime.

Next to comparing technology and fuels, the study also dis-aggregates between regions and introduces additional improvements for greater specificity.

As such, the report supports ongoing efforts to deploy best available cooking technologies at scale by providing a more complete picture of monetary benefits and sheds light on the value that investors create through supporting improved cooking solutions in a bid to attract more capital to these projects.

The outcome of the study are encouraging says Harry Clemens, programme manager Hivos Carbon Credits programme. He adds “the report supports something we have already witnessed in our programmes, namely that biogas has multiple development benefits, but now also make the correlation tangible. This can surely help us attracting financiers. We are ready to speed up dissemination of biogas digesters in Africa and South East Asia if buyers are willing to pay real value for carbon credits.”

Download the full report ‘Valuating the benefits of improved cooking solutions‘.