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The Biogas Solutions Uganda Ltd (BSU) is a national implementing agency for biogas activities in Uganda. By 2017 it has constructed almost 7,000 biogas digesters in rural farming areas. The BSU is a component of the Africa Biogas Partnership Programme (ABPP). The ABPP is a partnership between the Dutch government, Hivos and SNV Netherlands Development Organization, in support of national programmes in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Burkina Faso. Hivos acts as the fund and programme manager.

Domestic biodigesters provide a way for individual households with lifestock to reduce their dependence on polluting firewood and expensive fossil fuels. Cooking on biogas is fast and smokeless. It improves the health of especially women and children. The slurry left over from the biogas process is an excellent organic fertilizer that can be applied to improve crop yields. The programme places significant emphasis on informing biogas plant owners on the value of bioslurry as a potential source of income.

The BSU programme starts up biogas construction enterprises to market, build and maintain biodigesters. Currently there are 19 private enterprises providing biogas in 28 districts across the country. Amongst the ABPP activity countries Uganda has the highest number of female masons, thanks to a gender expert providing assistance during the project design and implementation.

The BSU conducts research in new technologies and appliances to increase biogas uptake. Its initiatives have led to the development of locally adopted and fabricated Lotus 2 stove, which brings down cooking costs by 15%, and to Puxin biogas lamp with an additional lightning cost reduction of 50%. The programme also places significant emphasis on the use of bioslurry as organic fertilizer for improved crop production and a potential source of income. Efforts are underway to ensure that biogas plant owners know the value of the bioslurry and use it appropriately to support good agriculture practices.


Fact & Figures

Main partner: Africa Biogas Partnership Programme (ABPP)
Start of the programme: 2009
Results to December 2016:

  • 6,900 smoke-free kitchens / 38,000 direct beneficiaries;
  • 91,300 tCO2 reduced
  • 32,300 ton of wood saved
  • 1040 digester connected toilets
  • 330eur savings per household per year
  • 19 implementing partners


This programme is registered under Gold Standard.