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The biogas is actually free!

The biogas is actually free!

Like many other people in rural Bulukumba, Normah and her husband Rizal, make their living raising cattle and cultivating their land. Rizal runs a business of fattening and breeding cattle. Normah, an Indonesian Literature Teacher at a junior high school, helps her husband in the farm and contributes to their family’s income by selling food items and essential goods at Azahrah Kiosk, a kiosk owned by the Bulukumba regency, 200 m away from their home. The Bulukumba district government offered the kiosk for free use and this allowed them to get the most out of this activity.

How biogas changed her family habits
In mid-2017, the head of his livestock group, Mabbulo Sibatang, informed Rizal and Normah on the opportunity to receive biogas assistance. At the time, they did not know anything about biogas and thought that the assistance would certainly be useful.

After the construction, Rizal and Normah began to experience the benefits of the biogas digester. Normah no longer buys LPG and uses biogas to cook banana chips and cakes sold at her kiosk. Thanks to this technology, she can save extra money to help her family income.

 In the kiosk and at home, we cook using our own domestic biogas digester. I am very happy and I can see the benefits of using this clean solution.

Normah is very happy to be able to save money. “Thanks to my husband’s activity on the farm, the biogas is actually free! But, for the time being, the production is taking a halt because the shops are closed and the supply of raw materials is also lacking due to a restriction of great scale social distancing (PSBB) as a prevention for Covid-19 transmission,” says Normah.

Rizal has also begun to use bio-slurry for his 50 pepper trees and 20 clove trees in his garden. Every two weeks, he gives one liter of fresh bio-slurry to each pepper tree, and five liters to each clove tree. “Every day I have to travel a distance of 3 km to carry bio-slurry from my biogas reactor to the garden. However, looking at my garden is worth the effort. I can see how my crops grow better. I have increased my production. The yield of the peppercorn also increased from originally 3 sacks to 4 – 4.5 sacks at a time. The peppercorns also get bigger and heavier”, says Rizal.